We’re Suzy & Susan & we’re the Founders of Style Bundle.

Today seems like the perfect day to tell you a bit about why we decided to leave our comfy jobs & dive on in to our own business.

We left our corporate jobs to ultimately become the masters of our own destiny. With 3 young children each, we wanted to be available for the everyday stuff - the netball games, the afternoon tea, the kinder pick ups -  but didn’t want to lose the identities we had carved out for ourselves in our working lives before kids.

In a leap of faith, we just went for it - we had an idea and we brought it to life. We wanted to prove to ourselves and our families that if you work hard to achieve your dreams - anything can happen.

And it’s happening. We have a team of 5 amazing women working in our brand new warehouse space - and we’re supported by a truck load of amazing clients and suppliers. And here’s a shout out to our husbands on this International Womens’ Day - who both have the balls to encourage their wives to succeed. Happy International Women’s Day to all Women (& their awesome partners) for getting out there & making your own dreams a reality.

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